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Morocco registers third case of coronavirus

The health ministry said it had registered a third case of the new confirmed coronavirus from a French tourist who arrived in Marrakech on Saturday.

“As part of the epidemiological monitoring and surveillance system and in execution of its communication policy, the Ministry of Health announces to public opinion that a third case of the new coronavirus has been recorded and confirmed by a French tourist, arrived Saturday in Marrakech and who had respiratory symptoms on Sunday”, said the ministry in a press release, specifying that the patient went to the hospital and that the medical profession, which quickly suspected his infection, has taken the necessary steps to carry out analyzes at the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur-Maroc, having confirmed the case.

The patient receives medical monitoring in a hospital in Marrakech where he will be taken care of according to the health measures in force, adds the ministry, noting that the state of health of the infected person is stable and does not give rise to worries.

The services of the Ministry of Health have taken the necessary measures to support this case, in accordance with national and international health security standards.

The Ministry of Health will continue to communicate with the public and keep them informed of all developments as it has been doing since the onset of this global health emergency, the statement said.

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