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Morocco sends humanitarian and medical aid to Lebanon

King Mohammed VI has ordered humanitarian aid to be sent to Lebanon to help the country cope with the difficult situation resulting from the deadly explosions that rocked the port of Beirut, leaving several dead and injured.

According to the Moroccan embassy in Lebanon, and in accordance with royal instructions, 8 planes (4 soldiers and 4 civilians) loaded with 10 tonnes of medicines and 10 tonnes of medical equipment will be sent through an air corridor, in addition to 11 tonnes of “special Covid-19” drugs and medical equipment, in particular protective masks, visors, charlottes, gowns and hydro-alcoholic gel.

Likewise, a military medical team is responsible for setting up a field hospital to take care of the victims of the explosions. This field hospital is made up of 100 people, including 14 doctors from various specialties (resuscitators, surgeons, traumatologists, ophthalmologists, treatment of burns, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, pharmacist), specialist nurses and support elements.

Boeing 767 freight planes and Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes will be dedicated to this operation.

As a reminder, King Mohammed VI had sent a message of condolence and compassion to the President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, expressing to him and, through him, to the grieving families and to the brotherly Lebanese people, his deep condolences and his sincere feelings of compassion.

The Sovereign also conveyed to President Aoun, on his own behalf and on behalf of the Moroccan people, his sincere feelings of compassion and solidarity with Lebanon in these difficult times, assuring him that the Kingdom of Morocco stands steadily alongside the brotherly Lebanese people.

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