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Morocco significantly increases the budget of its army

Morocco’s 2020 national defense budget has increased by almost 30% compared to 2019 (45.4 billion dirhams against 35.1 billion dirhams), in order to cope with the increase in staff costs and acquisition of new equipment.

Creation of new budget items, increase of salaries and additional costs resulting from military service. These are the reasons for the increase in the National Defense budget for 2020.

A fund estimated at nearly 111 billion dirhams (10.35 billion euros) is planned as early commitment for planned acquisition expenses from 2021. In 2019, this advance commitment authorization in 2020 was around MAD 96.7 billion.

In detail, part of the budget will be allocated to staff. With the creation of 5,000 additional budget items in the Draft Budget Law, the increase in salaries and the expenses of the 15,000 conscripts, the staff costs go from MAD 24,330 million in 2019 to MAD 33,167 million in 2020.

Another part of the budget will be devoted to the acquisition of equipment. In this sense, important arms contracts will be signed.

In total, Apache helicopters, “probably 24 units, for delivery from 2024”, 12 light transport helicopters being negotiated to replace the Agusta Bell 206, 24 tactical transport helicopters, an electronic warplane, a Patriot Pac3 American battery and 25 new F16 will be acquired.

Similarly, the Royal Navy patrol fleet and the radar and aerial and coastal detection systems will be strengthened.

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