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Morocco/Spain: New incident on the electricity interconnection

The Spanish company RED Electrica announces that it has detected a new incident on the submarine reserve cable (number 4) connecting Morocco to Spain. However, the incident does not compromise the safety of the power supply to the interconnection, as the affected cable is out of service and therefore does not in any way compromise the proper functioning of the link, says RED Electrica. This is working with ONEE to speed up the necessary permits with the Moroccan authorities in order to move a vessel in the area, about 4.5 km off the Moroccan coast “as soon as possible to locate the exact point of the incident”.

The electrical interconnection between Spain and Morocco consists of two 400 kV lines, commissioned in 1997 and 2006, themselves made up of seven cables: three for each circuit, plus one for the reserve. The seven cables run from Tarifa (Spain) to the terminal station in Fardioua, Morocco. According to RED Electrica, the affected reserve cable has been out of service since it was taken out of service in September 2018 following an incident. After the technical validation tests carried out, its final repair, initially scheduled for April of this year, was delayed due to the shutdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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