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Morocco strengthens its military industry

The Kingdom has acquired a new legal arsenal, through a legal framework finalized and published in the Official Bulletin (adopted by the Council of Ministers and the two Chambers), relating to development, renewal, maintenance, rehabilitation and protection of its military industry (materials, defense and security equipment, arms and ammunition).

This strategy is intended in the light of the external and regional economic challenges facing the interests of the Kingdom, particularly in North Africa and in the Sahel region. Also in order to provide our Royal Armed Forces (FAR) locally with arms, ammunition and equipment and other necessary defense needs, a text in the Official Journal marks out a battery of measures (authorizations, tolerance and other sanctions…) manufacturing, trade, import, export, transport and transit of military materials and equipment.

It goes without saying that it is defined in the document that it is the nature and content of the weapons authorized to be designed and manufactured by the national industrial sector designated for this purpose. Categorized into three, the first part of the title concerns “defense equipment, weapons and ammunition”: it includes surveillance, control or communication equipment intended for military operations on land, air, sea or space and equipment, defense equipment, weapons and ammunition.

The second category entitled “security materials, equipment, weapons and ammunition” relates to the following chapter “weapons and ammunition, its components, sections and parts, any computer program and equipment for vision, surveillance, communication, transport or protection which may be used to preserve general security and order or for military use”.

The third category has for its subject “weapons and ammunition reserved for various uses” and relates to “hunting and sport hunting weapons or weapons and ammunition intended for other uses” including sniper weapons, sporting weapons, weapons used to launch sporting competitions (starters), conventional weapons and compressed air weapons, as well as their ammunition and their components, branches and parts.

All national arms production in the three categories is sold in Morocco exclusively to National Defense, or intended for the services of the preservation of general safety and order for categories 1 and 2 and to arms sellers authorized in the Kingdom for the 3rd category. The far-sighted legislator has also enshrined a series of penalties for any violator. Sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years in prison and or a fine of 2.5 to 5 million dirhams for any producer or exporter of weapons who ventures to engage in these activities without authorization.

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