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Morocco takes part in the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

The Heritage Sheikh Zayed festival opened on Saturday in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of some forty Arab and foreign countries, including Morocco.

Organized under the theme “Emirates, crossroads of civilizations”, this cultural event has dedicated a Moroccan pavilion where are represented all sectors of Moroccan crafts.

The Moroccan pavilion, which includes a space dedicated to gastronomy, also offers a musical entertainment illustrating the richness of the Moroccan musical heritage.

This cultural event, organized in parallel with the celebrations of the 47th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates National Day (UAE), aims to preserve the heritage of the UAE and the universal heritage of civilizations and disseminate the values ​​of tolerance between peoples and future generations.

This festival, which will continue until 26 January 2019, has stalls at nearly 500 exhibitors from around the globe to present their handicrafts, gastronomic specialties and their folk art.

This edition has added a new international dimension to its program by celebrating “The World in the UAE” with replicas of iconic international landmarks, renowned cultural events and historic monuments and heritage buildings.

Among the festival’s flagship activities, there is also a folklore parade called “The March of the Tribes” which will be attended by the folkloric troops of the participating countries to express collectively the values ​​of the festival through dances and songs.

According to the organizers, all the stands of the festival illustrate the importance that gave Sheikh Zayed to different areas.

For example, the “Memory of the Nation” stand sheds light on Sheikh Zayed’s progress in building the State of the United Arab Emirates, while the “Agricultural Oasis” stand demonstrates her interest in preserving fauna and flora.

The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival had attracted, during its 2017 edition, more than 2.3 million visitors, according to the organizers.

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