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Morocco to open the largest theater in the Arab World and Africa

Morocco is preparing to open the “Grand Theatre” of Rabat, which, at 47000 square meters will be the largest theater in the Arab world and Africa, adding a new dimension to Morocco’s official capital.

Designed by the late Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid (1950-2016), the theater, which will serve as a multifunctional cultural venue, is part of an ambitious national programme of cultural development initiated by Moroccan King Mohammed VI for artistic and cultural reinvention.

Located on the left side of the Bouregreg Valley near Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the theater is part of the Bouregreg Valley Development Project launched by King Mohammed VI in January 2006. It aims to transform the urban landscape on both sides of the Bouregreg River.

The “Grand Theatre” of Rabat is aimed at bringing new cultural life to the city and includes a section dedicated to artistic revitalisation and entertainment that will host major national and international artistic and cultural events.

The space will host theatrical performances and opera shows in its large, 2000 seat hall, which boasts state-of-the-art audiovisual services.

The space will also include a large outdoor theater that is expected to welcome 7000 visitors for cultural and artistic festivals and activities. It will also include a second hall with about 520 seats, in addition to a range of special services and external equipment such as car parking, green spaces, a restaurant with panoramic views, shops, cafes and a bookstore.

The Great Theater of Rabat is one of a generation of major theaters that first emerged with the inauguration of the Mohammed VI Theater in July 2014 in Oujda. In addition to the Great Theater of Rabat and the Mohammed VI Theater, there is the “Grand Theatre” of Casablanca, the cultural complex of Fez and the culture complex of Tangiers.

All of these spaces were created as part of Morocco’s efforts to advance the theater sector and highlight the role of culture in achieving development.

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