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Morocco trains French Imams on Tolerance

Morocco trains the French imams and the first strong promotion of nineteen students, is expected for the month of December, according to a stetement.

“They are seventy-seven students from France to obtain a professional imam degree at the Mohammed VI Institute in Rabat. The first class – nineteen students – is expected for the month of December,” the stetement said.

At the Mohammed VI Institute of Rabat, a haven of serenity, nestled in the heart of the Moroccan capital, 1,400 students are being trained to become future leaders of the Sunni Muslim faith. Among the Moroccan, Malian, Nigerian and Ivorian students of the Institute, students from France to obtain a diploma of professional imam, among them ten French women who will become morchidate (preachers).

In the program of their training: Arabic lessons, Islamic jurisprudence, dogma, Quranic sciences, explanations of the verses and recitations. The whole of the formation is supported by the kingdom and all the Disciples are housed, fed and receive a monthly purse.

”Sent by the Union of Mosques of France (UMF), most of these young people had not found appropriate training: the few private institutes offering training in France are too expensive and not necessarily good quality. France is the only non-African country to be represented at the institute”.

France signed a joint declaration with Morocco in 2015 to send 50 students a year, while waiting to train imams on its own territory.

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