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Morocco wants to better position olive oil in the Mediterranean

Faced with the weakness of olive oil exports, Morocco is working hard for its better positioning in the Mediterranean.

The issue was discussed during a webinar focusing on the theme “Olive Tree Cultivation: Valuation, Promotion and Development in Morocco and the Mediterranean”. It emerges from this meeting organized by the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II (IAV) and the Embassy of Spain, that Spain is the world’s leading producer country with 1.23 million tonnes in 2019-2020 (30 % of world production).

It is followed by Italy (340,000 t), Greece and Tunisia (300,000 t), Turkey (225,000 t) and Morocco (145,000 t). In terms of exports, Spain climbed to first place with 290,000 t, followed by Italy (209,000 t), Tunisia (200,000 t) for the year 2019-2020. Morocco exported only 20,000 t. The lack of competitiveness of Moroccan products in the face of excess supply and a stagnation of world demand is at the origin of this drop in exports. The price of olive oil on the international market does not exceed 2.5 euros per liter, while the liter costs more than 4 euros in Morocco.

“The low productivity of this sector is the result of multiple constraints linked to drought and disease, as well as to the mode of exploitation which is often precarious in nature, particularly in extensive cropping and gathering systems which represent 90% of the national heritage”, explain the participants. These have fueled reflections in favor of the better positioning of Moroccan olive oil in the Mediterranean.

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