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Morocco will be able to export green oil before 2030

According to the Research Institute of Solar Energy and Renewable Energies (IRESEN), Morocco will be able to export green oil before 2030.

At the forefront of renewable energies, Morocco still wants to go further. This Friday, IRISEN announced a new goal, to become a green oil exporter by 2030. How can our country achieve this? Thanks to “lower costs of renewable energies and the abundance of Moroccan sites combining strong sunshine and high wind speeds that open up new opportunities to produce hydrogen or CO2-free derivatives,” said the press release of IRESEN.

The Institute, through Green Energy Park, and its partners – OCP and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University on the Moroccan side, as well as Fraunhofer and its institutes on the German side, put the turbo on the Power-to-x, according to the statement, announcing that the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment “closely follows the project to build the platform dedicated to research on hydrogen and ammonia.” Meanwhile, a third study is underway to prepare the road map of Morocco in this very promising area, says the IRESEN.

According to Badr Ikken, General Director of IRESEN, “the project will start with the establishment of a first pilot to test several technologies for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives based on renewable energies as a vehicle for energy for the generation, transport and storage of energy, but also as a raw material”.

Following these studies which demonstrated, on the one hand, that Morocco could capture 2-4% of the global hydrogen market, estimated at several thousand TWh; and secondly, that its derivatives that are green ammonia and methanol could be profitable in the short and medium term, continues the statement, “the IRESEN and its partners decided to embark on this beautiful adventure which already has a first partner, Germany”.

Hydrogen and its gaseous and liquid derivatives can be used for applications that are difficult to power, such as sea and air transport, goods transport and cars on long journeys.

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