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Morocco will embark on the military industry

Morocco is keen to develop its armaments industry, both in manufacturing and maintenance. To do this, the kingdom decided to buy patents, to demand from its suppliers the creation of military equipment companies and the transfer of technologies.

For some time, Morocco has been trying to create a military industry to reduce the heavy bill of arms and military equipment. The 2010 military budget amounted to 39.3 billion dirhams against 35.8 billion last year, an increase of 10%. A report from the Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defense indicates that the Minister Delegate for the Administration of National Defense, Abdellatif Loudiyi, revealed that Morocco was seeking to develop the manufacture and maintenance of military equipment. To do this, adds the minister, the kingdom will require any arms supplier to commit to transfer to the FAR the technology of manufacturing military equipment and equipment.

These companies will also have, Loudiyi continues, to create arms companies in Morocco or invest in other areas, while transferring their technological experiences and skills to the FAR. During the celebration of the 63rd anniversary of the creation of the FAR, King Mohammed VI called for the transition to military industrialization, scientific research and the self-development of military industries. The sovereign said that the FAR would be interested in programs of scientific, technical and engineering research by developing them in the military and security fields. Programs that will have to be done at the African and global levels, to exchange experiences and skills and to accompany the rapid evolution in the fields of security and defense.

Morocco has, in recent years, started to manufacture ammunition and some weapons, while creating maintenance sites for military equipment. The kingdom has also signed agreements for the purchase of defense weapons patents from European, Russian, Chinese and Indian industrial complexes. Spain, the United Kingdom and Brazil have officially expressed their desire to create a defense military industry in the kingdom. The Brazilian Foreign Minister said last June that Rabat and Brasilia had signed an agreement on the transfer of military technology to Morocco.

For his part, the British Minister for International Trade said during his visit to Rabat on May 31, that there were “new prospects for deepening relations between the two kingdoms, especially in the field of industry of defense”. For its part, the Spanish Minister of Defense suggested during his visit to Rabat in March 2019 that there were opportunities to create joint investment projects for the production of military vehicles, or even anti-aircraft equipment and shipbuilding equipment.

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