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Morocco: World Power-to-X Summit 2020 in December

The World Power-to-X Summit 2020, a hub for policymakers, industry leaders, research experts and global innovators to discuss PtX opportunities and challenges, will be held from December 1-3 in Marrakech.

Organized by the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN), this conclave will focus on the challenges that remain to be overcome in the face of the large-scale deployment of a regional and international Power-to-X market based on green hydrogen and clean fuels, it is stated on the website dedicated to the summit.

A privileged place to promote collaboration, creativity and exchanges in the field of green hydrogen and power-to-x, this large-scale event invites all PtX players from around the world to a open discussion on the opportunities that green hydrogen offers to future exporting and importing countries of clean molecules.

Therefore, the World Power-to-X Summit 2020 will be a must-attend event to witness the start of a new era of clean energy based on green hydrogen and clean fuels, and to discuss the issue in depth through a variety of high level scientific panels and sessions.

These panels and sessions will bring together the best technical experts, renowned researchers and official representatives in the non-power-to-X field from around the world, who will address five main themes relating to “The hybridization of renewable energies”, “The production, transport and storage of hydrogen”, “Green chemistry”, “The storage and use of carbon capture” and “The mobility of hydrogen”.

The summit program will also provide visitors and exhibitors with unique opportunities to learn about the latest developments impacting the power-to-x industry.

The exhibition space will thus present the activities of important leaders, trendsetters and startups, and will become a space for meetings, exchange of ideas and networking.

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