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Moulay Hicham sent a letter to King Mohammed VI

Prince Moulay Hicham announced that he had sent a letter to King Mohammed VI. He asked him to remove him from the title of prince and to be buried, after his death, in a place not related to the monarchy.

“Three years ago, I made two requests to the king. First, I want to be buried in a place that has no connection with the monarchy after my death. I also asked His Majesty to relieve me of my title of prince. I completed all the steps on this subject with my lawyer and we sent a letter to King Mohammed VI. I have not yet received a response given the busy agenda of the Sovereign but it is something that will be done in respect. It’s important for me because I want to free myself,” said the prince.

Moulay Hicham also discussed the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and said the assassination revealed the failure of the counter-revolution by some Gulf countries. He also said that this crime has unveiled the reality of the new Saudi power led by Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salman.

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