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Netanyahu intends to go to Morocco

The information is reported by an Arabic weekly. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is planning to visit Morocco.

Quoting “a reliable source”, the weekly said contacts are taking place between Netanyahu’s cabinet and several Moroccan officials. Objective: to receive the Prime Minister of the Jewish State after the visit of Pope Francis to Morocco, scheduled for March 30th and 31st. And to specify that Netanyahu will have to be accompanied by three rabbis.

According to source, the Jewish state wants to coordinate its positions with the Kingdom, before the participation of Morocco in any anti-Iranian summit.

To do so, Netanyahu would have proposed mediation for the resolution of the dispute between Rabat and John Bolton, adviser to the US national security, the weekly notes. The latter being for the holding of a referendum of self-determination to put an end to the conflict around the Moroccan Sahara.

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