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New charges of sexual assault against French Montana

The Moroccan-born American rapper French Montana, already indicted once, is targeted by new charges of sexual assault by two women. They tell the facts in videos posted on YouTube.

Legal troubles in prospect for French Montana? In two different videos posted on YouTube, two women Sarah Kamilla and Kayla Rose accuse him of sexually assaulting them. The first is that the Moroccan-born American rapper tried to rape her at W hotel at a dinner party about four years ago. According to the alleged victim, it all started with an invitation to a dinner that Belly, an artist and associate composer of French was to attend. She had just met him and other artists like The Weeknd.

Belly then invited Sarah to this dinner. “[…] So I went and brought my friend, her name is Molly. So we got to W hotel and had dinner,” she said, stressing that she didn’t know French Montana would be there too. During this evening, she says she went to the bathroom where the attempted rape will take place. “I went downstairs to go to the bathroom, I closed the door […]. I wash my hands and, out of nowhere, French Montana walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind him. He raises my skirt […]. Basically, he was trying to rape me,” said the one who was between 19 or 20 years old at the time of the facts. “When I asked him to let go of me, he said to me: I am the king of Morocco,” she continued.

Kayla Rose is the second woman to accuse French Montana of having sexually assaulted her. In a video, she looks back on the facts, which happened in Las Vegas in 2018. The alleged victim says she was introduced to Khloé Kardashian’s ex through a mutual friend that same year. Rose and her friend were in a nightclub where French was giving a show. That day, they had joined the rapper’s entourage on a return trip. They had entered his (hotel) suite.

According to Rose, the rapper had asked to join him in his suite. “[…] I went there and he said he didn’t want us to drive drunk or anything. […] He said he was going to get a hotel room for me and my friend. […] When I got there, I found out that he had in fact kicked two members of his entourage out of their room so that we could stay there,” said the alleged victim.

She says she woke up sober the next morning and got ready to leave: “I’m entering the French Montana suite.… My friend is on the bed, and French Montana gets up from the bed […]. He walks over to the bed behind me and starts to touch me a little. And I said to him: No”. His refusal does not dampen the rapper’s momentum, according to him. “He walks me into the other room in the suite and into a bathroom, and I don’t know why I followed him in there. […] He was touching me again, I was in a corner, and he came”, Rose added.

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