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New donation of US military equipment to Morocco

A batch of 50 light equipment carriers will be shipped from the United States to Morocco, while fifty other trucks will join the fleet of vehicles of the Moroccan Army later this week.

Following the announcement last July of a US donation of two Hercules C-130 troop transports for the benefit of the Royal Air Force (FRA), it is the turn of the Moroccan Army to benefit from a large batch of light equipment carriers. A total of 100 tactical light equipment transport trucks will be transported in two stages to Morocco, reveals FAR-Morocco, a site specializing in Defense issues.

“50 light duty tactical transport trucks are currently traveling to Morocco from the United States,” says the same source, revealing that “about 50 other vehicles will be delivered to the FAR in the coming weeks”.

These vehicles used by the US Army will be deployed as part of line evacuation and maintenance missions in primary, secondary and off-road conditions.

These trucks provide protection against small arms fire, artillery shrapnel and IED explosions (Improvised Explosive Device).

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