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New rise in fuel prices in Morocco

Fuel prices will rise again as of July 15th. Contacted by media, the president of the National Association of Service Station Managers Jamal Zrikom said that an increase of 10 cents will affect the price of diesel while the price of gas will rise by 27 cents.

In Casablanca, the price of the liter of diesel should turn around 9.67 dirhams while that of gasoline should reach 10.61 dirhams.

Note that fuel prices have risen gradually since last February.

Recall also that Lahcen Daoudi had heavily criticized the “political exit” of the Competition Council. The latter has disapproved of the government’s request for the proposed cap on liquid fuel profit margins.

Fuel cap is not a wise choice from an economic, competitive and social justice point of view. This was announced by the President of the Competition Council Driss Guerraoui at a press conference.

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