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New WWF expedition to protect the Mediterranean

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is launching from June in a new expedition to protect the Mediterranean.

The Blue Panda sailing yacht, chartered by the WWF, will criss-cross the coasts and ports of France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco for six months. Objective: to raise public awareness of the beauty and exceptional richness of the blue sea and call for mobilization to counter the many dangers that threaten it.

The expedition will throw moorings at the port of Tangier from 14 to 18 November.

From June to November, the Blue Panda will sail across the Mediterranean and will stop in six countries around the Mediterranean. At the mercy of its course, the boat will welcome aboard scientific teams to measure the critical condition of the Big Blue. It will join some of the Mediterranean’s major coastal cities, such as Nice, Marseille, Istanbul, Tangiers to mobilize citizens and municipalities against the threat of plastic pollution, says WWF-France, on its website.

In July, the expedition will stop at the Greek islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca, where WWF is currently campaigning against the abusive exploitation of oil and gas companies.

“The cradle of a prosperous civilization and a particularly rich biodiversity, the Mediterranean Sea is on the verge of burn-out. In question, centuries of overexploitation …. With the Blue Panda, we hope to bring closer to this marine world those who are distant and mobilize a maximum of people, from France to Turkey, through Italy and Tunisia to preserve our jewel of biodiversity”, stresses the same source.

The 25-meter-long ship will begin her expedition to the sanctuary of Pelagos near Corsica and conduct scientific research to review the state of health and behavior of whales.

The Mediterranean is one of the priority areas of WWF, present in 13 countries of the region and works to improve fishing, better protect marine life, fight against plastic pollution and create an economy blue durable.

A non-governmental organization created in 1961, WWF is dedicated to protecting the environment and is strongly committed to sustainable development.

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