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New York Times: The CFC Tower in the “Club of 12”

The New York Times has chosen to include the CFC Tower among twelve iconic achievements in the new relationship between architecture and nature.

In a report on innovative urban buildings around the world, the prestigious American newspaper paid tribute to the CFC Tower, the symbol of the new Casa-Anfa business district.

“The 25-storey tower is distinguished by its remarkable aluminum exoskeleton,” says the paper, which reflects on the challenge raised by the architect Thom Mayne, of the US firm Morphosis, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2005: “The control of the sunlight and the heat was a real challenge”.

The New York Times reviews the design of the CFC Tower and points out that it is inspired by traditional construction methods, such as the “carved wood lattice” that protects the openings from light.

The daily recalls that Morphosis used this technique to create a sunshade using aluminum beams positioned outside the glass curtain wall of the CFC Tower, “keeping the building cool and preserving its panoramic view of the ocean and the city”.

It should be noted that the CFC Tower is the only building located in Africa to be present in this file, which includes eleven other projects located in the United States, China, Germany, Australia and Norway.

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