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Noor Midelt II: Masen launches call for prequalification

New markets to take in solar energy. After the awarding of the Noor Midelt I plant, Masen has just launched the call for prequalification for the Noor Midelt II solar plant. This is the first step in the selection process for a private partner responsible for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a solar power plant with storage. For this market in particular, the challenge is great because it involves deploying a latest generation plant that uses technological evolutions in terms of storage to further improve the returns and costs of projects.

According to Masen, Noor Midelt II will compete with all solar technologies with mature storage, including photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermodynamics (CSP) associated with different thermal storage technologies or battery.

The objective is to ensure a stable power injected into the network of 190 MW during peak hours and about 230 MW during the day. “Innovation is one of the fundamental vectors that drive Masen’s action. This is evidenced by the hybridization between the CSP and the PV of the Noor Midelt I plant, which has considerably reduced the price per kilowatt hour. Today, Noor Midelt II will allow us to continue the quest for optimization in order to take full advantage of the latest technologies offered by the market, particularly in terms of energy storage. The goal is to further improve both the costs and the returns of our projects,” says Mustapha Bakkoury, CEO of Masen.

Indeed, the Midelt II power plant will be configured to expand the technological field by offering private developers the opportunity to offer optimal solutions combining both photovoltaics (PV), solar thermodynamics (CSP) and thermal storage or still the electric batteries.

As a reminder, Masen’s integrated project and scope development programs are a strong link that will contribute to the national goal of an electricity mix, of which 52% will be renewable by 2030. In terms of balance sheet At the end of 2018, Masen announced that 1,215 MW are in operation in wind power, 1,770 MW in hydraulics and more than 700 MW in solar energy.

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