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Notre-Dame: The billion euros in donations soon crossed

The spontaneous outpouring of generosity following the terrible fire that devastated the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris continues and the one billion euro donation bar could be crossed in the day of Wednesday.

“We are close to $ 900 million this morning, and I think we will pass the one billion mark in the day,” said Stéphane Bern, in charge of the heritage mission. Bern was entrusted by French President Emmanuel Macron with a mission in 2017 to identify the real estate assets in danger.

Along with the great French fortunes, there are also people who do their means, he said. “Yesterday I met little girls who gave 5 euros, they are their savings, their pocket money, it touches me so much”.

The French president, in an address to his fellow citizens, promised to rebuild this monument symbol of France. “Yes, we will rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral even more beautiful, and I want it to be completed in five years,” he said.

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