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Numbeo: Morocco, one of the safest destinations in 2020

According to a study by Numbeo, Morocco and all countries in Europe are on the list of the most secure countries with the lowest crime rates that tourists can travel to in 2020.

The safety index calculated by Numbeo lists the countries of the world on a scale of 0 to 100, based on criteria such as the level of crime, safety in walking alone in the street day and night, thefts of cars and house burglaries, violent crime,…

Results are based on surveys of visitors to this website. Among the general trends, it emerges that the first six places in terms of security are occupied by the small countries of Asia, namely: Qatar with 88.1 points, Taiwan (84.7), the United Arab Emirates (84.5), Georgia (79.5), Oman (79.3) and Hong Kong (79).

Europe stands out for its homogeneity in terms of security. All the countries of the Old Continent, without exclusion, are above the world average in terms of safety. Among the best is Slovenia with 79.0 points, being the safest country in the world outside of Asia. It is followed by the Isle of Man (a dependency of the British crown) with 78.6 points and Switzerland in third place with 78.4 points. Spain are in position 37 with 67.6 points. The European list is closed by Ukraine (51.1), Sweden (52.5) ​​and France (52.6).

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