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OCP celebrates its century of existence

The “Office Chérifien des Phosphates” (OCP) group celebrated its 100th anniversary on Friday, the opportunity to look back on the key moments in its history and to celebrate all those who have marked it, announces the group in a press release.

A hundred years ago, in fact, the OCP was born, the first ground breaking was given in March 1921 in the vicinity of the future city of Khouribga, explains the same source, adding that in the 1930s and during the second World War II, the group was a public company, and was the country’s main linchpin.

From the first superphosphate plant commissioned in the port of Casablanca, through the exploitation of the Gantour deposits, then in 1952, the exploitation of the first open-pit mine in the history of the group, the OCP takes root.

A few years later, a new page in history was written with the ambition for the group to enter the era of phosphate recovery and the diversification of its offer. This is how the 1960s were marked by the creation in Safi of Maroc-Chimie, the first fertilizer manufacturing plant in Morocco. Less than ten years later, the Jorf Lasfar industrial transformation complex was inaugurated in 1986.

From the 1990s, the OCP sealed new partnerships with leading foreign economic players and affirmed its influence internationally. A new historic turn took place in 2014 with the launch of the longest phosphate transport pipeline in the world connecting Khouribga to Jorf Lasfar, then in another register, with the opening, in 2017, of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. It is thanks to this historical heritage that the Group has continued to transform itself and continues to meet new challenges. Today, it has established itself as the world leader in phosphate products and has placed Africa at the heart of its development strategy through its multiple locations in the service of agriculture.

Over time, it is above all men and women who have built the DNA of the OCP group and have left an indelible mark, proudly carried by the generations that have succeeded them.

At present, 21,000 employees, 21,000 faces, demonstrate unwavering mobilization to support the Group in its expansion, resilience and global growth efforts. An indisputable commitment which allows the Group today to celebrate its centenary. Many initiatives of general interest have emerged in different fields thanks to the patriotic involvement of the men and women of the Group.

One hundred years of progress, innovation, commitment and human adventure marked the beginning of a story full of challenges and successes that OCP will share through a broad program during the coming months and that the great public can follow on the site: http://Centenaire.ocpgroup.ma.

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