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Official: Morocco registers a second case of coronavirus

A second case of Coronavirus was confirmed Thursday morning in Morocco. According to information provided by the Ministry of Health, the tests have been confirmed by the Pasteur Institute.

She is a Moroccan woman who lives in Italy. She arrived in Morocco on March 4.

The patient is currently under medical supervision in one of the hospitals in Casablanca, where she will be treated in accordance with the dedicated health system. For its part, the directorate of epidemics and diseases under the Ministry of Health deploys all the necessary measures.

As a reminder, the Interior Ministry called on Wednesday the citizens to the need to be vigilant in the face of the dissemination of false and fictitious information concerning the new coronavirus, attributed to official parties through techniques new technologies.

In a press release, the ministry indicates that it has recently been noted that certain accounts on social networks and instant messaging applications on mobile phones are publishing false and erroneous information attributed to official institutions about the taking preventive measures by the authorities in the fight against the new Corona virus.

While stressing that the measures taken in this context are announced by the competent establishments through press releases published via the official dedicated channels, the Minister of the Interior calls on citizens to the need to be vigilant in the face of dissemination false and fictitious information attributed to official parties through new technology techniques, the statement added. The ministry also claims that all legal steps will be taken by the relevant authorities to identify those involved in the publication of these allegations and lies.

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