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Oil prices soar after attacks in Saudi Arabia

Oil prices soared by 10% Monday morning in Asia, two days after the attacks on oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia resulted in a halving of production.

Around 02H10 GMT, the barrel of “light sweet crude” (WTI), US crude reference, for delivery in October, earned $ 5.38, or 9.81% to 60.23 dollars, in electronic exchanges in Asia.

The barrel of Brent North Sea, European reference for November, took him 6.65 dollars, or 11.04% to 66.87 dollars.

The Houthis have claimed responsibility for the attacks on the facilities of the Saudi public giant Aramco. They caused a sharp reduction in production of 5.7 million barrels a day, or about 6% of global supply.

On Monday, Brent briefly gained almost 20%, while WTI gained up to 15%.

US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that he has authorized the use of US strategic oil reserves if needed, to offset the decline in production of Saudi Arabia.

On Saturday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was no evidence that this “unprecedented attack on global energy supplies” had come from Yemen, accusing Iran of being at the origin of the attack and assuring that the United States would work to supply the markets.

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