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One more year for Sound Energy’s Anoual permit

With a total duration of eight years, the Anoual concession entrusted to the British gas exploration company, “Sound Energy”, is now extended to nine years. This is what the Moroccan National Hydrocarbons and Mines Office (ONHYM) has just decided.

The Anoual permit provided for a first optional additional period of 2.5 years. Which should allow the drilling of an exploration well. Now that this period has also been postponed by a year, conditions have also changed. Indeed, after drilling, if the results of the exploration well are likely to constitute a commercially exploitable discovery, 150 km² of 3D seismic data or its equivalent in 2D seismic data will be acquired during this phase 2. Otherwise, “Sound Energy” will undertake other geological and geophysical studies, but will not be required to acquire this additional data. The 3rd phase of 2 and a half years remains unchanged.

On this occasion, there was a message of importance. This is that of Mohammed Seghiri, the chief operating officer. He said in this regard that he is delighted despite the challenges due to the restrictions of Covid-19 to readjust this exploration work program under way on the Anoual exploration permit. Also, he hinted that this renegotiation will unleash the exploration potential of the eastern Morocco basin. Better still, it will favor the planned sequencing of its development plan for phase 1 of the Tendrara production concession.

Remember that, as with all Moroccan exploration permits, Anoual is divided into three phases, each with commitments previously agreed with the ONHYM. Anoual covers an area of ​​approximately 8,873 square kilometers.

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