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“ONSSA” announces the vaccination of one million head of cattle against foot-and-mouth disease

In response to the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in the herd in Morocco, ONSSA’s interests moved across the national territory, where it managed to vaccinate more than 1 million cattle against the disease.

In the context of the national campaign against the disease, which began at the beginning of 2019, the process of vaccination of cattle, which is proceeding at a good pace, is in line with ONSSA’s interests.

In some provinces, Oujda, Boujdour and Laayoune, the percentage of cattle vaccinations was 100 per cent. The process continued throughout the Kingdom to cover the national herd population.

It is noteworthy that in order to protect the national herd of cattle, the Office has organized regular free annual campaigns to vaccinate cows against foot and mouth disease since 2014, thus contributing to the enhancement of the herd immunity.

The campaign is made up of 552 private veterinarians, as well as the technicians and medical doctors of the National Office for Health Safety of Food Products, where the “loser” benefits from vaccinating their cows free of charge because the office pays for the expenses of the vaccine and the compensation of the private veterinarians.

At the beginning of this year, some cattle were diagnosed with foot-and-mouth disease because of a new virus that was never present in Morocco before 2019. It is a disease that affects cattle, especially cattle, and does not spread to humans either directly or indirectly.

With the help of local authorities, the veterinary services of the National Office of Health Safety of Food Products intervene immediately after the discovery of any foot and mouth disease. They are eliminated in less than 24 hours by destroying and burying all sick cows and sensitive animals in the affected area and adopting a set of procedures Preventive measures.

It should be noted that the “ONSSA” will pay financial compensation to farmers for the destruction of livestock because of foot-and-mouth disease, according to the laws in this area, which determine the rates of compensation, which vary according to type, age and class of cattle and take into account the market.

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