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Open Data Inventory: Morocco ranked 42nd worldwide

According to the Open Data Inventory Index (ODIN) developed by Open Data Watch (ODW), and based on the evaluation of 178 countries at the international level, Morocco represented by the HCP is ranked 42nd in 2018, ranking first in the North Africa region, 2nd in the Arab region and 3rd in Africa with a score of 57.5 after Rwanda and Mauritius, respectively 58.3 and 57.9 points.

This ranking thus dedicates, worldwide, the progress of the HCP in the field of Open Data. It is expected to improve with the planned integration of new indicators in the Institution’s Statistical Data Base (SDB) and the opening of anonymous micro-data of its statistical operations to interested users. It would improve even further as departments with significant information on sectoral activities put them to the agreed statistical standards available to the HCP.

Internationally known for its professionalism and independence, the ODW carries out the global evaluation of National Statistical Organizations in the field of open data and works in synergy and in permanent consultation with the United Nations Statistics Division. The ODIN developed for this purpose is a composite index of evaluation of websites based on the criteria of coverage and openness of the data disseminated.

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