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Organic farming: The surface in Morocco reached 11 000 hectares

The area devoted to organic farming in Morocco has reached 11,000 hectares, an increase of nearly 50% over the last ten years, said the president of the Club of Bio Entrepreneurs (CEBio), Slim Kabbaj.

Kabbaj said in a statement at the opening of the first Regional Organic Fair in Rabat, that in terms of agricultural bioglogic areas, Morocco today reaches an area of ​​11 000 hectares, saying that this level remains modest compared to to some neighboring countries which, according to him, account for about 300 000 hectares or even 900 000 hectares devoted to this sector.

He noted that the organization of this first regional event for the organic sector in Rabat will help develop this dynamic of more production and therefore consumption in the country. The aim is to promote organic products in this region through exhibitors who come to present, sell and let visitors taste their organic products, as well as to explain to them directly that they are certified organic products such as: gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan products to consume with confidence.

“Bio is not just a passion or a choice but rather a culture that aims to preserve health, as many researchers and laboratories around the world attest, and to protect the environment and nature. is less carbon dioxide generators and pollutants,” he explained.

For example, an exhibitor representing the Center for Work Integration and Help indicated in a similar statement that participation in this show offers the opportunity to raise the profile of products such as organic certified fruits and vegetables which are carried out by people with disabilities able to perform several tasks and integrate into the field of organic.

The objective of the regional organic fair is to raise the awareness of consumers in the region about the quality and specificity of certified organic products, to explain the importance of these products for health and the protection of the environment, to make the range known. Organic products certified organic, to mobilize the operators of the region, to show the possibilities of valorization of products from organic farming, to stimulate the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship.

This event will soon be organized in other cities of Morocco is also a space of practical awareness of professionals and consumers on the regulation of organic. About fifteen spaces are reserved for the sale of fresh products, groceries, cosmetics, food supplements and eco-products, with a wide and varied offer.

The exhibition was attended by nearly 16 exhibitors and provides about 3,000 visitors expected to discover, taste and learn to change their food hygiene for healthy and responsible consumption.

The Bio Entrepreneurs Club (CEBio) brings together business leaders in the agri-food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, cleaning products and ecological sectors.

It aims to create synergies between its members, to implement complementary actions, short and long term, to the national and international markets, to expand the consumption of organic and natural products, and to conduct negotiations and adopt partnerships with relevant institutions to facilitate the development of the sector.

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