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Coronavirus: 1345 new cases in Morocco, 32007 in total

1345 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) were confirmed in Morocco until Saturday at 06:00 pm, bringing to 32007 the total number of cases of contamination, announces the Ministry of Health. The number of cases healed rose to 22190 with 642 new remissions, while that of deaths …

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OCP celebrates its century of existence

The “Office Chérifien des Phosphates” (OCP) group celebrated its 100th anniversary on Friday, the opportunity to look back on the key moments in its history and to celebrate all those who have marked it, announces the group in a press release. A hundred years ago, in fact, the OCP was …

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EU: Morocco is no longer a safe country to travel

The European Union has removed Morocco in its latest update to the list of safe countries to travel, submitted for review on Friday. The measure will take effect the next day, August 8, leaving just 10 countries among the non-EU states to and from which travel is permitted, the Reuters …

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