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Morocco steps up baby diaper inspections amid toxicity concerns

The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that since January 23, it has taken “exceptional measures” to sample diaper imports and conduct analyses on them at laboratories. Local brands are also undergoing examinations for their quality and conformity to the standards of the local market to ensure that none contain …

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Morocco’s airports expand to become international hubs

Moroccan airports received about 1.861.875 customers in January 2019, making this the highest recorded number of passengers. According to data from the Moroccan Airport Authority (ONDA), Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca received the highest record of global traffic, approximately 40 percent that includes 783.098 passengers. Meanwhile, other Moroccan airports …

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Automotive: An industry that breaks records in Africa

It took a little less than 10 years for Morocco to climb the podium of car manufacturers. Currently, the Moroccan automotive sector ranks first in Africa, ahead of South Africa. Morocco produced, in 2018, 402,000 vehicles distributed between the factories of Somaca, in Casablanca, and Tangiers, both belonging to the …

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