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Tareq Al-Suwaidan is not welcome in Morocco

The Wali of Marrakech has just closed the door to the preacher and famous Kuwaiti lecturer, Tareq Al-Suwaidan. The latter was going to give a lecture on Monday to the ocher city, under the theme “the prophet, the leader”. The event was to be held at the Mohammed VI Museum …

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Doping: Badr Hari tested positive

Badr Hari, who was preparing to mark his return, is in bad shape. The Moroccan kick-boxer is at the heart of a doping scandal after being tested positive. This is reported Monday, January 29th Dutch Media. This latter reveals that traces of doping substances were found in the urine of …

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Drones helped smuggle hashish between Morocco and Spain

Highly trained drone pilots helped a drug trafficking ring smuggle more than six tonnes of hashish into southern Spain, police have revealed. Two of the 12-strong gang were experts in the use of state-of-the-art drones and had been using the unmanned aircraft to check if the coasts were clear from …

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