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Bouknadel accident: “Bombardier-Spain” sows trouble

The Salé Court of First Instance, through President El Malki Hazim, interviewed all the witnesses in the Bouknadel derailment case. Recall that the tragedy of October 16 lasted the lives of seven people and made a hundred wounded. The trial of the train driver, Larbi Rich, should see its outcome …

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Polisario threats worry MINURSO

This time, it is not the FAR that gives the warning, but indeed the MINURSO! And it is the leader of the latter who came, last Sunday, to give his firm instructions to all the members of the UN Mission so that the level of the state of alert is …

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US thanks Morocco for confronting Iran and supporting Venezuela

The United States of America expressed its thanks to the Kingdom of Morocco for its efforts to counter the “malicious” influence of Iran in the region, as well as its support for Venezuelan President Juan Guaido, who enjoys the support of America and most of the European Union against President …

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