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The new confidences of Moulay Hicham

In an interview with BBC Arabic on the program “Al Mashhad”, Prince Moulay Hicham explained that he did not like the nickname given to him by the press, that of the “red prince”, preferring to be called by his real name, Hicham El Alaoui, like all Moroccan citizens. In addition, …

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Heetch arrives in Marrakesh

And three for Heetch! After Casablanca and Rabat, Marrakesh is preparing to welcome its first taxis labeled “Fiddek” in early 2019. Present in Morocco since November 2017, the first legal application of transport to the Kingdom seems well to start to weave its virtuous web across the country’s major agglomerations. …

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Morocco: 4 thousand homeless people roaming the streets

Minister of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development Bassima Hakkaoui said on Monday that the number of homeless people on the streets of Morocco was 3,830 in 2018, including 241 children. Answering a parliamentary question about the situation of homeless children in the street, Minister Hakkaoui said: “This phenomenon is …

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