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US Administration threatens to end the mission of “MINURSO”

John Bolton, the US national security adviser, was surprised of the UN mission’s failure to achieve progress 27 years after its establishment. In a speech on the new US strategy on Africa at Heritage Studies, Bolton said the resources spent during this period on the UN mission should have been …

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A Person Threw Himself in front of the high-speed train “Al-Buraq”

One person was hit by the high-speed train “Al-Buraq”, near Asilah, between Sidi Yamani and Akwass Briche, after throwing himself in front of the train, according to sources from the National Bureau of Railways (ONCF). The incident left confusion on the high-speed rail line before the movement returned to normal …

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A Moroccan woman on the jury of Miss Univers 2018

Imane Oubou, Miss New York in 2015, was chosen to be part of the jury of Miss Univers 2018. This contest is scheduled for December 16 in Bangkok, Thailand. According to the American press, the 28-year-old woman holds a degree in biology chemistry and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering. …

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