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Sahara: Colombian Parliament Supports Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

he two Chambers of the Colombian Parliament have adopted a resolution expressing full support to Morocco’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over the Sahara. The Colombian MPs also denounced the serious violations of human rights committed by the Polisario separatists against the Sahrawis sequestered in the Tindouf camps, situated in South …

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Greenhouse acreage expanding faster in Morocco than in Spain

The development of greenhouse cultivation in Morocco is taking place at a much quicker pace than in Spain, and particularly in Almeria. This growth is being followed up by the Andalusian Council of Agriculture with the help of modern satellite image analysis techniques. The latest report issued by the Council …

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The gas pipeline project between Nigeria and Morocco might succeed

The triumphant entry of President Buhari with His Majesty King Mohammed VI marked the weekend for both countries. Being the first Nigerian Head of State to pay an official visit to Morocco, the extravagant fanfare is quite symbolic of the Morrocan King’s diplomatic romance with Anglophone countries and the drive …

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