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New record for ONCF

At the end of the summer period, particularly marked by the increase in the mobility of people, the National Office of Railways (ONCF) transported more than 8 million passengers, including 2.5 million for the only period Eid Al Adha, in the best conditions of safety, comfort and quality. In a …

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Tanger Automotive City: The project approved by the government

The Governing Council adopted, on Thursday in Rabat, draft decree 2.19.744 amending decree 2.10.337 on the establishment of the “Tanger Automotive City” free zone. Presented by the Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, the draft decree plans to extend the area of ​​the free zone to 517 ha …

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Suez will manage the waste of Coca-Cola Morocco

The French group of treatment of waste and water Suez announced Thursday to have won a series of nine contracts for about 120 million euros in the industrial field. Among the contracts announced, for example, is waste management for two years for the Coca-Cola bottler in Morocco. Another contract was …

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