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Interpol: Participation of Morocco in the exercise “Neptune 2”

Morocco, represented by the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), took part in the second edition of the International Transboundary Exercise “Neptune 2”, initiated by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) in several Mediterranean ports, including Tangier-Med, Tangier-Ville and Bni-Ansar (Nador). This exercise brought together representatives of security services, law …

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Amadeus presents its New Development Model

The Amadeus Institute published a memorandum called “100 Proposals for a Sustainable, Fair, Inclusive and Innovative National Development Model”. Sectorial and transversal proposals in the fields of economy, investment, social justice, human capital, trust, society and international roots of the country are presented. In this memorandum, four axes have been …

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Ahmed Benchemsi arrested in Algiers

The Human Rights Watch Director of Communication for the Middle East and North Africa, Ahmed Benchemsi, was arrested Friday (August 9th) in Algiers. According to Algerian newspapers, the former Moroccan journalist, who was arrested during the popular mobilization, was taken to a police station in Algiers before being placed in …

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