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RAM: A new commercial system deployed

RAM has just set up a whole commercial system to reassure its passengers and give more visibility to its customers wherever it is. A series of measures and customer benefits have been granted since Monday, June 1. “We have put in place an exceptional and evolving commercial system … which …

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Coronavirus: Morocco ranks 2nd in Africa in screening tests

In just two weeks, Morocco has risen to second place in Africa in screening for the Covid-19 virus, advancing, step by step, two other continental powers, namely Egypt and Ghana. Indeed, with a total as of June 1, 2020 of 221554 tests (compared to just over 100000 tests on May …

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Morocco, fast food consumer in full containment

Since the start of containment in Morocco, all restaurants and fast-food restaurants have had to close their doors. Some stores were able to reopen Friday, May 29, but only for the “take out” service and home deliveries. Videos circulate on the web where you can see long queues at the …

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