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Vahid Halilhodžić approached by Morocco

Nothing goes better between FC Nantes and Vahid Halilhodžić. The Bosnian technician is in the process of leaving after many disagreements with his management. If his withdrawal should be endorsed in the week, the former player and coach of Paris Saint-Germain is already looking for a base. And according to …

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The US consulate settles in Casa-Anfa

The General Consulate of the United States in Casablanca begins the project of building its new premises. The US Consulate and the Office of Construction Operations under the US State Department recently held a meeting with Moroccan construction companies around the project. The event attracted some fifteen Moroccan companies wishing …

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BMCE BoA dominates contactless payment

BMCE Bank of Africa dominates “Contactless” payments. The banking group accounts for 83% of the global volume of payments, estimated at 51 million dirhams, over the period January-July 2019, according to CMI data. The bank has equipped all of its cards with the “Contactless” feature and has introduced several new …

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