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Morocco sends humanitarian and medical aid to Lebanon

King Mohammed VI has ordered humanitarian aid to be sent to Lebanon to help the country cope with the difficult situation resulting from the deadly explosions that rocked the port of Beirut, leaving several dead and injured. According to the Moroccan embassy in Lebanon, and in accordance with royal instructions, …

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The state of health emergency extended until September 10

The Governing Council, meeting on Thursday, approved the extension of the state of health emergency for another month, until September 10. Initially due to end on August 10, the state of health emergency was finally renewed for another month in view of the rather worrying epidemiological situation and the numbers …

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The Royal Air Maroc rescue plan

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Mohamed Benchaâboun, gave more details on Tuesday about the amount of 6 billion dirhams that the government intends to make available to Royal Air Maroc (RAM). According to the minister, the government will grant RAM 60% of the financial support intended for its rescue …

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