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American Airlines will launch a flight between Philadelphia and Casablanca

American Airlines will launch next summer five new intercontinental routes, including a link between Philadelphia and Casablanca, its first to Africa. “Our customers and our team members asked us when we were going to start servicing Africa,” said Vasu Raja, vice president of network and planning for American Airlines, quoted …

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Business Online: BMCE BoA launches a new portal

BMCE Bank of Africa has launched “BMCE Business Online”, its new Global Banking portal for businesses. This platform reinforces the exclusive offers that the bank offers to businesses in terms of Trade Finance and Cash Management operations. The portal will facilitate the management of current national and international transactions related …

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Planes to transport drugs from Morocco to Spain

The drug barons have started to convoy their goods using small, sophisticated planes. They find themselves on the other side, thus escaping the controls of the security forces. The phenomenon, which has become recurrent in northern Morocco, is taken seriously by the Royal Gendarmerie, which has put its services on …

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