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76th Golden Globe Awards: The full list of winners

Hollywood hit the red carpet Sunday for the 76th Golden Globe Awards, with hit musical romance A Star Is Born the favourite to win big at the awards season opener — and the prizes demonstrating an industry keen to tout its progress on diversity. Here is the list of winners …

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Telecommunications: Beyond 5G

The development of the field of information processing in general and the field of telecommunications in particular, is associated with the name of the engineer, electrician and mathematician of the 20th century, Claude Shannon, considered as the founder of the theory of information . He was the first to set …

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Environment: A proposed framework law

Parliamentarians are grafted on debates around the protection of the environment. Beyond the Framework Law on the National Environmental Charter, adopted in March 2014, a proposal for a framework law on the climate will be examined today in the House of Representatives. This text, which will be discussed in the …

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