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Tunisia lodges complaint against Morocco

Tunis is in the process of filing a second complaint against Morocco at the WTO, concerning their disagreement on the conditions of export of Tunisian school notebooks to the Kingdom of Morocco. This is what the Tunisian Minister of Commerce said on 4 December, saying his country is determined to …

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SpaceX launched 64 satellites at once

SpaceX placed 64 mini-satellites in Earth orbit, an American record and the first time the Californian company fully dedicates a launch to the growing market of small satellites. Elon Musk’s company broke another record by re-using the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket for the third time. This first …

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Marrakesh, 2nd Most Visited African City

Marrakesh is the second most popular African city, according to a Mastercard study. The tourist city welcomed 3.93 Million international visitors in 2017, ranking 2nd place on the continent after Johannesburg (4.05 Million visitors), according to the Mastercard Global Destinations Index. International visitors exceeded $ 1.65 Billion in the ocher …

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