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The Kingdom rejects Amnesty International’s comments

The Moroccan authorities categorically rejected what Amnesty International reported about the trial of detainees in Hoceima incident for “lack of objectivity and impartiality”. The Moroccan authorities express their categorical rejection of what was reported by the organization Amnesty International in its report that lacks objectivity and impartiality recognized in international …

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Authorities dismantle a new illegal immigration network

Moroccan police said Tuesday they dismantled a new network operating in the organization of illegal immigration. During a police raid in the city of Sale, near the capital Rabat, two people aged 35 and 39 were arrested for alleged involvement in the organization of illegal migration operations, the police said …

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President Ali Bongo addresses Gabonese from Rabat

It is from Morocco, and more precisely Rabat, where it passes a period of convalescence since November 27th, that President Ali Bongo addressed to the Gabonese people for his traditional speech on the occasion of the New Year. Victim of a stroke on October 24, Ali Bongo gave his first …

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