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GAFA: Morocco wants to tax the giants of the web

The Moroccan government has finally decided to respond favorably to the demands of Moroccan digital publishers. Suffering from the unfair competition of GAFA: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, Moroccan digital actors have repeatedly pointed to the “untenable” situation they were living. In a column titled “When the master of the …

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Official: The city of Rabat will (finally) have new buses

The company Alsa-City Bus will begin, from July, its activity in the region of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra, said Monday in Rabat, the Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, Mustapha El khalfi. In response to a motion of inquiry on “the strike of public transport personnel at the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region”, …

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Al Haouz: A French hiker dies while falling off a cliff

A 69-year-old French national woman died after an accidental fall on a hike in the Tassa Ouirgan region of Al Haouz province, local authorities said. The victim, settled in Morocco, fell from a rocky cliff during a hike to the forest of Takherkhort (Commune of Ouirgan) with a group of …

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