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Participating Banks: outstanding financing increased by 59%

The outstanding financing granted by participatory banks in Morocco reached 7.7 billion Dirhams at the end of June 2020, marking a growth of 59% on a sliding scale, according to an analysis Finéopolis institute. The outstandings backed only by the “Mourabaha” were marked by a strong concentration of real estate financing which alone monopolizes more than 88%, specifies Finéopolis institute.

Regarding resources, the strong increase in the number of current accounts to more than 38% year-on-year and the introduction of investment deposits have enabled the sector to mobilize a total of 2.9 billion Dirhams with an increase of 19, 89% over the first six months of the year, also underlines the analysis. On the other hand, the transformation ratio remains considerably unbalanced with a rate of more than 376%.

It should be noted that the GNP in the 1st half of the participating banks increased by 75% to 140.5 million Dirhams. The sector has also started to reduce its net income which fell from -207.4 million Dirhams in June 2019 to -183.6 million Dirhams in H1-2020 in terms of net income, a reduction of 11%.

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