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Pisa ranking: China in the lead, Morocco lagging behind

The PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) survey, which examines the academic knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds around the world, revealed its results for the year 2018. Testing took place in April 2018 and targeted 79 countries. Morocco, which signs its first participation in the test, can already have a clear idea of ​​the ranking of its teaching abroad.

At the top of the rankings, China can boast averages close to perfection, surpassing 500 points in all other countries. Thus, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, four Chinese provinces are at the top of the ranking, ahead of Singapore, Macao (China), Hong Kong (China), Estonia and Canada.

This ranking, which has only one country in Africa, namely Morocco, nonetheless targets several Arab countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Most of them rank in the OECD average with honorable scores, with the exception of Lebanon, which is in the bottom of the rankings.

Morocco still in the box of “bad pupils” of education

As for Morocco, the kingdom is lagging behind, with its first participation. The averages it records are probably not an example and give a clear idea of ​​the efforts to be made at the level of National Education.

The Kingdom scores 359 at the reading comprehension level against 487 as the OECD average. It remains far behind most participating countries except Lebanon, Kosovo, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines in this category.

In mathematics, Morocco scores 368 against 489 as the international average. In this category the country ranks before the Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Panama and the Philippines.

In science, the country does not fly higher with 377 in total against 489 as the OECD average. However, it is still ahead of Panama, Kosovo, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

Conducted every three years, the PISA survey dissects the level of education in several countries at the level of secondary schools. Children answer automated system questionnaires.

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