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Plane immobilized in Sudan: Managem comes out of silence

After the decision of the Sudanese forces to immobilize a plane of the Moroccan mining company Managem, loaded with large quantities of gold, the latter came out of its silence.

A source in the company has indeed denied rumors that it would be a smuggling operation.

In a statement, the source said that the problem was sending documents to obtain the necessary authorizations, noting that Managem has been established in Sudan since 2006. The firm is launched in the production and export of gold since 2009 in a perfectly legal way.

Recall that an aircraft belonging to the Moroccan mining company Managem, was intercepted by the Sudanese authorities. The aircraft, which was carrying 84 kilos of gold, did not have the necessary authorizations, report the local media.

And to point out that the plane, which was coming from the Qabqah region and bound for Khartoum, was stopped by the Rapid Support Forces for lack of a gold transfer license, and not because of the smuggling.

The same sources also indicated that licensing mining companies was a prerogative of the economic security apparatus, but since the fall of the government, this is now a component of the Rapid Support Forces.

“The Rapid Support Forces intercepted the aircraft due to lack of coordination, as part of the current security measures,” the sources said.

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