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Planes to transport drugs from Morocco to Spain

The drug barons have started to convoy their goods using small, sophisticated planes. They find themselves on the other side, thus escaping the controls of the security forces. The phenomenon, which has become recurrent in northern Morocco, is taken seriously by the Royal Gendarmerie, which has put its services on alert.

Media, who keeps this information from concordant sources, explains that experts have been dispatched by the staff of the Royal Gendarmerie to locate the trajectory of these machines that take off, land and disappear from the Moroccan sky without being captured by the radars.

According to media, the discovery of a plane grounded in the region of Chefchaouen, due to a breakdown and abandoned by his pilot, has put the bullet in the ear of the authorities. They wondered how such a machine was found in this area without being detected by radar.

Indeed, drug traffickers do not lack ingenuity. According to media, they have equipped the high-tech aircraft to escape the vigilance of the authorities.

This phenomenon, which seems to be back in the news, was widespread in the past, according to the newspaper, which states that it was during the 1990s that drug traffickers resorted to this type of aircraft to thrive their business without being worried.

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