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Protests cancels half of tourist bookings in Paris

France’s President of the French Hotel and Restaurant Association, Marcel Benizier, announced on Sunday the cancellation of 50 percent of tourist bookings in the capital, Paris, against the backdrop of the “yellow jackets” protests and the accompanying violence and riots.

“Fifty percent of the tourists have already canceled their bookings, or left Paris without completing their journey, and went to London, Germany or even Spain,” he told.

He also described the current tourist situation in Paris as “catastrophic”.

On the demonstrations sweeping across France since mid-November, Benizé explained that the hotel sector and restaurants are “the hardest hit”.

“We are very impressed by the demonstrations and the violence, it has become catastrophic, and the cancellations are ongoing.

Earlier in the day, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the government was considering “imposing a state of emergency” against the backdrop of the violence in Paris on Saturday, 133 people including 23 security forces were wounded and 412 arrested.

Yesterday, at a press conference in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires (at the close of the G-20 summit), French President Emmanuel Macaron pledged to hold all those responsible for the riots in Paris accountable.

He said the protesters “want chaos” and will not accept violence.

The French president said participants in the first protests in Paris on Saturday were “a group of mobs who have nothing to do with peaceful expression of legitimate anger”.

Saturday’s demonstrations were the third in a series of protests by the owners of the “yellow jackets” since 17 November, against rising fuel prices and rising cost of living.

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